Omnific HR helps with developing your job family modeling, performance and reward systems and programs.

Performance Management:
it is the guideline for a healthy and sustainable successful business environment. Monitoring employee performance is as important as that of business performance.

Performance reviews and Performance interviews

Identifying Strengths and weaknesses and defining the strategy to reinforce or overcome consequently.
Training needs the would lead to an improved career development programs and,
Identifying talent to permeate into Succession Planning.

The job family modeling is the matrix that embraces the employees' career development chart. It is the employee's career road map in the company. The earlier employees realize it and follow through the outcome of their reviews, provided they are done with integrity and forthrightness, the faster they can be on their way to the top while improving business performance. An HR audit would determine that.

This same model is the guideline for the reward policy, the outcome of which is the recognition expected as part of a total motivation and retention program. Giving structure to your HR systems serves a double purpose, it is an affirmation to your employees of your commitment to their career development and at the same time serves the towards achieving company goals of increased business performance and higher employee retention results.

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