Executive Search & Recruitment
Businesses can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of human resources consulting firms for a wide variety of assistance.

One of the areas in which many businesses need help is in the selection of employees. Human Resources consulting personnel are trained and experienced in the most effective methods of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring quality and qualified employees. Another important contribution that we provide is assistance in the benefits packages offered to employees, and thus help clients with their company branding to be able to attract top talent.

This must be an arrangement that will attract & retain top-quality employees while maintaining a solid financial foundation for the company. There are many options to consider in employee benefits, and as experts in human resources consulting, we have the most current information on all health, retirement, Reward and Recognition plans.

Omnific HR is your perfect solution. If you're a growing business and do not yet require a full time HR Department, we can provide you with Professional assistance necessary when it comes to setting up systems, policy and procedures, answering questions and resolving your Human Resource issues.

In addition, we can compliment your existing HR staff in order to complete related projects. Our Consultation Arrangements offer a comprehensive, and cost effective Human Resource programs specifically designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large size business.

Human Resource
Outsourcing your Recruitment Process

Omnific HR is a Human Resources consulting firm, providing outsourced Human Resources management with an international experience that understands your local needs. As HR consultants, depending on your specific needs, we also act as your recruitment and Training department.

Executive Search & Recruitment
HR Compensation Studies
Scales & Benefits development
Job Family Modelling, Job Descriptions & Evaluations
Employee Performance and Evalution system development
HR Systems and work flow process set up, HRMS – FRD / Gap-Fit Analysis
Preparation of Policy & Proceedure book
Preparation of Employee Handbook
HR Development and Succession Palnning
Training needs Analysis
Organizational Development

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