Strategic Placement / Career Counselling
The vast majority of the vacancies we seek to fill are unannounced. We seek to fill those positions with talented skilled professionals that are embarking on a steady career path.

Some other positions are "assignment" or "limited duration" contract based and for those whose goals are achieved by such contracts, we do refer them according to our clients' needs.

CV / Job Description writing
It is of high importance for the candidates to evaluate their chances of success in their new environment. Accordingly every Candidate undergoes a structured personal interview to determine the relevance of their experience to the vacancy being filled. Accordingly we ensure that the CV fairly reflects the candidates' portrayal.

An evaluation is prepared of the suitability of the candidate to the job being filled after which a recommendation is recorded for reference that determines the pros and cons of the individual being recommended vs. the employers' needs.


Career Coaching
Our vast experience along many years of providing the same service internally at companies worked with, we can provide advice and recommend available programs that will help candidates achieve their career objectives.

Interview Coaching
Some candidates have excellent experience and proven track record but unfortunately are not marketing experts, nor are experienced interviewers. Our coaching service allows those individuals to highlight the specific experiences and personal achievements related to the job being considered for.

Negotiation Skills
Negotiating for the best offer does not always mean you achieved your targets. One of the lessons learned from the latest economic crisis is that when negotiating an offer, the candidates should have in mind the ability of the employer to retain their services in the good and in the not so good economic conditions. yet one should be adequately placed in the company system to be able to continue giving their best without having inequitable financial issues hinder that effort.

We help candidates and employers in striking that balance in communicating adequtely their added value without compromising on their worth in relation to their peers in their new homes.

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